Jump For Joy Policies

  1. We will walk you through safety rules prior to and after setup of the bounce house. We will also be glad to point out the unique safety features of our bounce house.
  2. We take your child's safety seriously. Persons not following the safety rules should be asked to leave the bounce house.
  3. Remove shoes prior to entering the bounce house.
  4. All bouncers must empty their pockets before entering the bounce house. Jump For Joy is not responsible for articles lost during operation of the bounce house.
  5. All bouncers must remove eyeglasses, jewelry, and any hard or sharp objects before entering the bounce house.
  6. Absolutely NO flips, wrestling, or other forms of rough housing are allowed in the bounce house.
  7. Do not run and/or bounce against the walls of the bounce house.
  8. Do not bounce any closer than two feet from each other or two feet from the door.
  9. Do not run or jump through the door of the bounce house.
  10. Our bounce house is equipped with a safety entrance. Bouncers must enter and exit the bounce house from a sitting position.
  11. Do not climb or hang from the interior or exterior of the bounce house.
  12. Do not use the bounce house during rain. The jump surface is very slippery when wet.
  13. If anchors come loose during operation, cease operation and call (804)301-5024.
  14. If during operation the wind becomes excessive (15mph), remove all children and deflate the bounce house.
  15. Bouncers should be grouped according to age and size. Ages 3 and up only.
  16. The number of bouncers allowed in the bounce house should be determined based on the following chart.





Unit Size

15 x 15

   3 to 8


    9 to 12


    13 & up


    Big Kids
    8 & up





Rain Policy:

A Jump For Joy representative will contact you to re-confirm your reservation 2 to 3 days prior to your event.  At that time we will discuss the upcoming weather forcast.  If it is very apparant at that time that your event will be rained out, a descision to cancel can be made together at that time.  If the weather is questionable on the day of your event, together we will make the safest descision possible, prior to the delivery of your inflatables.  If it starts raining during your event, unfortunatly we are not able to offer a refund.


Cancellation Policy: 

Jump For Joy does not require a deposit to make a reservation.  We ask that if you absolutly must cancel your event, to please be courteous and allow us enough time to make your selections available for other individuals.  If you are uncertain about making a reservation, we would rather you not make one until you are absolutly certain.  If cancellations begin to be a problem, we will have no choice but to start charging a deposit.